My new Instagram account!

I’ve started posting on Instagram regularly as I found I just get more traffic than on Flickr and interact with people more…

Feel free to look me up and connect @peterschramm3

Peter Schramm Instagram photos


New Videos with The Pocket Demons

*IMPORTANT – If you are a BC musician or band, there is funding you can apply to now through May 1, 2017 (there may be later dates if funds still remain) to get videos and photography done.  Visit BC Music Fund and scroll down to “BCMF Careers of BC Artists.”

We shot this last year at Spiritbar in Nelson, BC.  Some fine guitar riffs!  It was great shooting with 3 cameras.  Love how the dance floor fills up during the songs!




The Wailers at The Capitol Theatre!



The following is the direct link to the album on Flickr (if you find the text above confusing), here is the link…

The Wailers at The Capitol Theatre on Flickr!


Kiesza returns to her Alma mater Selkirk College and visits Nelson!

Here is an article about music star Kiesza by Will Johnson that I took some photos for… Nelson Star article on Keisza!

Kiesza had great energy and stage presence! She was very generous with her time as well. It seemed like there were 300 fans lined up to get a signature and a hug and she attended to all of them before taking the stage. I have never seen a celebrity treated like that before here… People in Nelson are generally pretty cool around celebrities. Kiesza may be different because she lived here and went to school here before she became a star.


Kiesza live at Selkirk College